Growth Stock vs Value Stock

This article explains the meaning of growth stocks and the points to remember while selecting such stocks. The article also goes on to explain penny stocks and how to avoid such stocks as well as the importance of growth stocks in a well balanced portfolio.andnbsp; It is essential to realize the meaning of the term growth stock before a person attempts to analyze the significance of growth stock in an established portfolio. As a matter of fact, a growth stock is the share of a mid cap company that is growing. These shares are capable of yielding higher returns to the investors compared with other shares.

Selecting the Right Growth Stock

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While selecting a growth stock an in-depth knowledge of the company that one is investing in is also essential as the fate of the growth stock depends entirely on how the company fares in the long run or the reputation that the company gains in the market over a period of time. For this one has to study the balance sheets, assets and liabilities, competitors and present earnings of the company. Then an evaluation of the Profit Earning Ratio gives the investor the price earning status of the company. The information about the financial assets of a company can be obtained from the internet as well.andnbsp; After studying the Stock Market Report one can make the best stock pick which will give the best returns in the future. Such stocks have a trustworthy reputation, are transparent in their operations thus ending up with reliable financial statements.

Importance of Growth Stock in a Well Balanced Portfolio

An established portfolio is generally well balanced with a number of investments made in some of the best stock picks. These stock picks can include stocks and shares of well known and reputed companies that have stood the test of time as well as new and emerging companies that have high growth potentials. As it is known that growth stock picks are stocks of relatively inexpensive companies, which have high growth potentials they seem attractive to investors.

A portfolio is a must for any investor as it is a record of all his investments made over a period of time. Maintaining a portfolio helps to have a systematic collection of all the investments made by you thus saving you the time and effort of searching for bonds and shares when you require selling or buying stocks. There are diverse securities in a portfolio with some of the best stock picks along with established stock picks, growth stock, stock market picks and probably the stock report as well.andnbsp; The portfolio must have a mix of well known bonds and shares along with growth stock picks so that there is a high potential of growth value in the portfolio as well. Besides, if a particular growth stock falls in price the overall value of the portfolio is not adversely affected.