Advice for investing at record highs, including a 7-part stock-picking model

The stock market is sitting at record highs. So why does it feel like the party’s already dispersing?

It could be the recent measured skepticism from firms like Morgan Stanley. While chief US equity strategist Mike Wilson isn’t ready to predict another bear market, he did recently say that three conditions in particular could combine to spur a near-term correction.

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JPMorgan has also joined in the lukewarm chorus, with strategist John Normand recently outlining what could trigger a bond-market sell-off that could threaten stocks. The implications of such a shift would bleed into everything from equities to gold — a situation that has Normand urging traders to hedge.

Also within JPMorgan is Eduardo Lecubarri — the firm’s global head of small and mid-cap equity strategy — who predicts a rangebound stock market for the next year. But while his market-wide forecast is largely neutral, Lecubarri still sees select investing opportunities. He recently laid out 11 regions and sectors poised to outperform.

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