How to Do PR When You’re Bootstrapped and Don’t Have Connections

The startup life is nothing short of an adventure that is made of a series of mini-quests along the way. Those quests become increasingly difficult to complete when operating in bootstrapped mode, which forces entrepreneurs to do more with less. The ability to delegate any type of task becomes a luxury, and regardless of strong suits and weak points — everything needs to be taken on as a DIY project.

The initial steps behind most initiatives are easy enough to approach. It doesn’t take much effort to set up email addresses, secure domains, and use a simple template to populate some kind of a decent website. But it’s safe to say that most entrepreneurs behind tech companies come from more of a product-focused mindset, rather than one that revolves around marketing, advertising, and/or public relations. They quickly learn the hard way that it isn’t enough to just have a stellar product. Word must spread of the product/service. But how can bootstrapped entrepreneurs launch PR and brand awareness campaigns, especially if they don’t have clout themselves?

PR plans typically go hand-in-hand with online marketing strategies, because the goal is to get in front of as many eyeballs as possible while maintaining relevance in an effort to develop business…

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