6 Social Media Marketing Myths

It’s not always easy to know what is true and what isn’t when it comes to marketing. A lot of efforts could be a shot in the dark. Some marketing efforts work for some people, while not for others. There really isn’t a one-size-fits-all. If you don’t do the correct research or are following other’s advice, you could actually do damage to your business. Watch out for these marketing myths, because they may not be a service for you at all

Myth #1: Social Media Has Replaced Email

You may have heard that sending emails to your customers is dead. This isn’t true at all. Social media really can’t replace the personal touch of an email. It is merely a tool to use to reach customers more often. Email still works in marketing campaigns, and offers people up the personal touch and is a gentle reminder that you are still there waiting to help them.

Myth #2: Content is Still King

Social media is used to send out content to users and develop your brand. Your content about your industry and product/service gives you an authority. You may be answering their questions that they didn’t even know they had. Content is how you appeal directly to your audience. Your content needs to reinforce your brands’ authority and make you look trustworthy. Think of how you can effectively create content to do that.

Myth #3: Ignore the Haters

Going radio silent on negative feedback is admitting that you’re guilty….

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