Quit his job to start up with just 3 people, built a billion-dollar business

Rashesh Shah never wanted to become an entrepreneur. Born in a Gujarati business family, he was the first to study in an English-medium school. In fact, he pursued an MBA (Master of Business Administration) specifically so that he would not have to follow in his father and uncles’ footsteps and get into business.

“Ironically, I actually went to do an MBA in order not to be an entrepreneur. My whole ambition (was not to be in business), because I come from a business family, my father, my uncles, everyone, was always in business. So I always had this desire not to be in business, I wanted to be an officer in a company, working as an executive,” the IIM-Ahmedabad graduate tells YourStory Founder and CEO Shradha Sharma.

After graduating from the prestigious IIM, and post a brief stint at Prime Securities Ltd, the Edelweiss Group Chairman went on to join one of India’s largest lenders, ICICI Bank, where he had planned to “stay put.”

Rashesh was part of the export group at ICICI, where he dealt with new age companies that were competing in the global markets. It was here, while interacting with companies such as Infosys, who were his clients, that he got inspired to start up and cash in on the opportunities that India post its economic liberalisation was offering in the 90s.

“My idea was to stay put there (at ICICI) for as long as I can and continue to grow. But I think after 91-92, as India's economic liberalisation started happening… and also I was very…

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