I Asked AI to Write This Post for Me. Here Are the Results.

In June 2020 an Artificial Intelligence system called GPT-3 went live. This AI model is focused on Natural Language Programming and was trained by reading trillions of words and sentences online. The net result is that it can generate impressive text that humans can barely tell was created by a computer.

A growing number of developers are being given access to GPT-3 to create real-world applications. In the coming months, you are going to start to see a plethora of AI applications that create content such as blogs, articles, reports, emails, advertising copy, and sales scripts. It’s likely that huge amounts of text that will be written in 2021 and beyond will be written by computers and edited by humans.

I was given access to a beta version of an application called Copy.ai which is specifically designed to create copy that could be suitable for marketing purposes. I asked the system to write me a short blog post titled “Can an AI write business blogs”. In under 3 seconds, it produced the following blog post:

Here are 10 things…

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